Point of interest 

Sawmill, Mill, “Walche”

The building complex in its present form was put in operation in 1934/1935. 
The rye was milled and processed to rye bread in the village oven. In the sawmill mainly wall wood was prepared for house construction. In the textile mill, called “Walche”, the row cloth made from triple thread wool was beaten to a twill weave «Trilch» (Drillich or HBT: herring bone twill).
Shortly after the opening, the citizens of  Blatten decided to purchase a small water turbine including a pressure pipe made of sheet iron tubes. Since this turbine with a rated output of 7.5 hp could not achieve enough performance for the sawmill, especially during winter time, a supplementary electric engine with 8 hp was installed in the 60s. 
With the opening of the valley road in 1955, the mill and the village bakery lost their importance, since the bread for the people in the valley was now produced in a modern bakery in Wiler and then delivered. The sawmill was closed at the end of the 70s, since the operation was no longer profitable. The “Walche” lost its importance when the residents could buy their clothes off the shelf in the Rhone valley.