Point of interest 

Viewpoint: Wetterhorn lift mountain station

The Wetterhorn lift, the first cable car in Switzerland and one of the first such system worldwide, was an ambitious pioneer project. The first section was operative in 1908. It led from the valley station, today the place of  Hotel Wetterhorn, to the mountain station “Enge” at the edge of the Wetterhorn. The 8 minutes’ drive costed 5 Swiss francs, at that time a fortune. It was planned to reach the summit of the Wetterhorn at 3791 m a.s.l. The first World War stopped its operation and foiled the plans for extension in 1915. Also after the war the activities were not resumed. A replica of the cabin with an information panel can be found at the Hotel Wetterhorn. The building of the mountain station Enge exists still at dizzying heights.