Point of interest 

Bisse Ladusuon

The Ladusuon is captured below the Chiämadbodu at the foot of Joli glacier. About 100 m above the Jolialp hut the Ladusuon goes through rocks. There the rocks are partly hewn out because the channels were damaged many times by storms and landslides. In this way the precious water can flow unhindered. Once the Ladusuon above Mattachru has taken the curve, it reaches the Spielbielboden, beneath the Alpine hut and the stables. There ghosts should have appeared years ago until pastor Weissen had thrown his pious blessing like an anathema on the nightly rumbling. Since then it has become quiet again under the flavorful larches. 
The 12-day irrigation turn (Cheer) repeats 10 - 14 times per summer. The “Schattenberger” (residents of the shadowy valley’s southern side) tease therefore those of the sunny side (residents on the valley’s northern side) and say they finish to irrigate on New Year's Eve and start again on New Year, which of course is a boundless and unfair exaggeration.