Point of interest 

Hotel Belalp

The tourism pioneer Leopold Bürcher had recognized already early the uniqueness of the Belalp with the view to the Valais Alps and the Great Aletsch glacier: he constructed the Hotel Belalp with its extraordinary view on the glacier. In 1870 Gervas Klingele the co-owner and later sole owner built the extension in stone. The hospitable house appealed to mountaineers and summer visitors: an annex was built in 1885, which was demolished in 1999. Three generations of the family Klingele owned the hotel; in 1968, the family Jaeger-Eggel assumed the operation. Since 1993 it belongs to the citizenry Naters which renovated it completely in 1994 and extended it with a panoramic terrace in 2011. The first guests coming to the Belalp were mainly the British. Looking into an old travel guide shows what the guests attracted: "Hotel Belalp very recommended. The tour is still new, but in recent years has become a favorite route of mountain travelers who want to see amazing things with little discomfort." Also the construction of the Anglican chapel in 1883 / 1884 was tailored to the English clientele. Already then the desire of the clientele was not solely peace and spirituality, a tennis court was established in the 1920s near to the hotel.