Point of interest 

View point: Eiger North Face

From no other place the Eiger North Face is more impressive than from the Eiger trail, directly at the bottom of the 1.800 meters high wall. This impression is reinforced by the sharp contrast between the steep and rejecting rocky wall and the lovely green meadows and forests beneath. With a trained eye you can recognize the Eiger glacier station and with some luck you can also see chamois roaming around at the foot of the wall. If you like to observe the daredevil climbers who climb on extremely challenging routes through the Eiger North Face, a visit in the autumn is recommended, because in spring there is usually still snow at the bottom of the wall. Even better places to observe the climbers can be found on the Kleine Scheidegg. The Eiger North Face is mainly climbed during the cold half of the year, when the temperatures are below the freezing point and give support to the otherwise loose rock.