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The Nutcracker (in Valais dialect: Zapfuräärggu / Zapfu = fir cone; Rääggu = croak) has a striking dark brown plumage with white dots and belongs to the passerine birds. The nuts of the stone pine cones are his favorite food. In autumn the diligent Nutcracker picks tirelessly nuts from the pine cones and brings up to 80 pieces in its throat pouch to different hiding places. In this way it accumulates between 30,000 - 100,000 stone pine nuts per year. In winter, the Nutcracker is digging through the partly thick snow cover to the hiding places to feed from the stock. Despite its high rediscovery rate, many seeds remain on the ground, which significantly contributes to the spreading of the stone pine. In mountain forests you will recognize the distinctive croaking of the Nutcracker.