Point of interest 

View Point: Schmadribach

A great scenery closes the Lauterbrunnen valley towards the south: the ice-capped northern faces of the Äbeni Flue, the Mittaghorn, the Grosshorn and the Breithorn form a gigantic rock arena. Downhill the imposing rock barrier goes over to mountain forests and alpine meadows. In the middle of the valley, the Schmadribach river tumbles over the rocks. From the terrace of the Berghotel Obersteinberg the three arms of his waterfall offers a wonderfully harmonious sight. But also ten kilometers down the valley, in the village center of Lauterbrunnen, the river presents itself in all its generosity. In late autumn water usually drops strongly and finally replaced by snow and ice. When it appears again in spring and announces warmer periods, then it is said in the village: "The Schmadribach undressed the pants." The scenic charm of the river is based on the contrast between hostile high alpine mountains and lush green plains at its foot. This contrast has fascinated people for centuries. Known landscape painters such as Joseph Anton Koch and Samuel Birman have been inspired by the impressive scenery to outstanding naturalistic oeuvres.