Point of interest 

Sycamore Trail 1 – The Sycamore

Shortly after the junction of the road, there is a good view to the sunny slope densely stocked with Sycamore near the Broch hut. This slope is called «Ahoren», indicating that this impressive Sycamore stock exists since immemorial times. The Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) is the most common of the four native maple species. It prefers higher elevations and is distributed in the Jura, the eastern Swiss plateau and the Northern Alps. In Europe, it occurs   towards south until the mountains of Sicily, but it is missing in the north. The Sycamore can reach a stately age of over 600 years. Extraordinary pieces get up to 40 m high and may have a trunk diameter of 2 m. At the age of 20 to 30 years it blooms for the first time. The flowers produce nectar and are pollinated by insects (e.g. bees) collecting it. The noticeable fruits are spread by the wind with the help of the biological "helicopter". Meanwhile the discreet, green colored flowers can be seen rarely, because they bloom high up on the tree. Formerly the Sycamore was considered as a «serene» tree for its funny shadows and its bright wood that protects against all adversity. So, with the tree, they tried to keep the evil spirits, witches, moles or lightning strikes far from home, farm and field. Today, the Sycamore has lost this significance. But the giant tree has kept its special aura of peace and security.