Point of interest 

Provençal Fritillary (Southern Ramp)

Provençal Fritillary (Mellicta deione berisalii) has the characteristics of the fritillary genus, the orange brown colour with black grid patterns. The caterpillar of the Provençal Fritillary is linked to its forage plant, the Italian Toadflax. A subspecies of the Provençal Fritillary is known only from the Valais. Therefore the Canton Valais as well as the World Heritage site management have a recognized responsibility to preserve the continued existence of the butterfly. Possible strategies could be to enhance the Italian Toadflax distribution or to establish land use agreements with farmers in order to assure the maintenance of the species rich meadows.
The best opportunity to observe the Provençal Fritillary (Mellicta deione berisalii) is given on sunny days with little wind in June, near to the locality Ausserberg-Hohtenn of the Lötschberg southern ramp.