Point of interest 

Tomb of Rainer Maria Rilke

South of the castle church is buried the well-known German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The epitaph was written by Rilke himself: “Rose, oh pure contradiction,  Joy of being No-one's sleep under so many lids.” 

Remarks by Willi Nef (in Swiss Rosenblatt 12/1971) to the poetry on the grave stone by Rilke:
"The Rose with its many lids, meaning with its wonderful, delicate fragrant petals invites to sleep, to rest, to salvation. It is from one side the symbol of the desire for peace and salvation.  But in its glory also the symbol of force, of life; so that it is its desire to be anyone's sleep.
It therefore embraces the tension between fragility and force; in this sense, it is considered a pure contradiction. Perhaps one might say that in this wonderful structure of the Rose the tension of our life between rest and desire for fullness of life seems to be solved symbolically.”